Caramel is a flexible and interactive software which means all modules are customizable and can be managed with an easy-to-use interface.

Items (Articles)

  • Categorizing and arranging articles in the form of a tree
  • Inventory Management
  • Getting measurement variables like dimensions (length, width, height, etc.)
  • Making favorite articles for ease of use
  • Multiple article settings, including custom default image for order page
management by caramel


  • Unlimited Option definition
  • Categorizing and arranging articles in the form of a tree
  • Specify options for general or particular use
  • Two Option selection types: multiple or single


  • Define operational requirements
  • The operational concept or business process can be modeled in the form of a tree
  • Time-sensitive procedures can be defined
  • Ability to define default price and cost for each operation
  • Ability to define different behaviors for operations in different sectors
  • Multitasking operations with recurring feature

Service Configuration Table

Innovative design with correlation matrix. it's a table that shows the relationships of different variables. items and options as row labels and and operations as column labels. Each cell has its own default values and can be configured. Prices, Taxes, Discounts, SLA (service level agreement), costs, duration, permissions and more are configurable for a specific time period and in different customer groups.

service configuration

Calendar and scheduling

  • Ability to define working capacity according to the number of orders or items per day
  • Different calendar types (Hijri, Gregorian, etc)
  • Business days and hours
  • Ability to update holidays and occasions online

Units and indicators

  • Units of measurement (weight, lenght, mass, area etc.)
  • Adding custom units and indicators in different categories
  • Countable and uncountable indicators
  • Calculation formulas
  • Conversion factors


  • Different barcode types can be assigned, including operations, items, articles, orders, locations and more.
  • Smart barcode reader detection without loss of focus
  • Ability to login and logout using barcode


  • Intractive role tree
  • Role hierarchy, which represents the relationship between roles
  • Ability to Assign Browse, Read, Add, Edit, Delete, Special and admin permissions for each role
  • Custom roles for modules and subsections
  • Custom access level for each operation

Users and employees

Sorting and searching for user using different filters like id, mobile number, phone, address, email, birthday and more.

Customers and vendors

Reporting, Sorting and advanced searching for customers and vendors using different filters (id, mobile, address, etc.).
You can also make a customer list using customer group.