fill out orders with more details

  • Inline item search in the categories to improve selection speed
  • Fast item adding using barcode
  • Ability to select different item options in categories with inline search
  • Ability to change prices and discounts for each items or ticket
  • Delivery and shipping information for each ticket
  • Adding credit to the customer faster without referring to the accounting module
  • Smart determining capacity per day, skip holidays and choose the best date and time for the preparation

Order Details with Additional Info

  • Electronic customer signature
  • Insert item photos from gallery or take a new image with the built-in camera
  • Highlight and mark photos with electronic pen or using touch screen
  • Add custom info and comments to order items
  • Service level agreement (SLA) for each order
Image Marker

Different Printing Methods

  • Unlimited printer installation
  • Various printer types (Label, Ticket, A4, etc.)
  • Customizable print pages, design your own Print pages
  • System bridge for printing without showing extra windows
  • Long distance printing using internet (mobile, tablet, etc.)
label print

Order Management

  • Sorting and searching orders using different filters like status, price, payment, preparation date
  • View the status of each order in the progress bar
  • Display warnings for overdue or unfinished orders
  • Fast order selection using barcode
  • View item report, status & history

» Check out our demo page to see how it actually works