Caramel gets its new update (Version 1.1)
Lots of new features and abilities added and some small bugs has been fixed. from Order management to Accounting every modules became updated

Change log :

  • Introducing Collecting mode for small businesses: Compacted process section which only have mark as ready and print label feature.
  • New shortcuts added to order management, placing new order became easier and faster than before.
  • SMS panel updated, now you can see sent messages and check delivery status.
  • Image marker updated with new features.
  • Printable operation note in drop section.
  • Option groups have custom colors now.
  • Options have new check box named Critical to get your employees' attention.
  • Swiching between orders without barcode reader became easier using new input in top menu
  • Batch processing updated with lots of new features
  • Accounting performance and speed significantly increased, thanks to database optimization.
  • Some minor bugs has been fixed