Caramel operational part is divided into three general parts: barcode assignation, process & tracking, pick up.
You can assign roles to your employees with different access level. It includes tracking an employee's duties and the duration of each task, observing the employee performing his or her job, interviewing the employee, managers and others who interact with the employee.
With interactive design and warnings, the employee can learn exactly how he or she missed the mark, which gives the person more of a chance to avoid making mistakes.

Barcode assignation

In this section, barcodes are assigned to items in the fastest and easiest way to be used in the next steps or in the future. Each item can have one or more barcodes. Barcodes can be pre-printed or post-printed in the current section.

conveyor with barcode

Process & Tracking

Operation execution page that employees and workers are directly involved. all the operating processes already defined in the management section are now executed by employees in this section.

With an easy-to-use interface, the whole operation process can be done only with a barcode. mouse and keyboard or even a touch screen is not necessary.

  • Executing commands by barcode at intervals or instantly
  • Ability to undo or cancel operation if necessary
  • Smart detection of operational needs, executes required operation automatically if necessary
  • Item slideshow that have already been created and marked on the order page
operator reading barcode

Pick up

  • Smart & fast item selection by barcode for pick up
  • Partial item pickup of an order in more than one shipment
  • Additional review for order items and mark them as reviewed
  • Driver selection by reading barcode or manually
  • Marking items that are picked up with a barcode or manually
  • Driver load statistics based on orders or items 
  • Shortcuts are provided for some features like printing.
  • Ability to add credit to customer or pay bills without referring to the Accounting module
order ticket

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